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Steel Pipe Piling Suppllier

Steel Pipe Piling Fabricator

What Are Steel Pipe Pilings?

Some structures can’t make use of concrete foundations but need to be able to support exceptionally high loads. To accomplish this, steel pipe is frequently utilized as foundation piling. We proudly manufacture rolled & welded large diameter pipe for various steel pipe piling applications.

How Are Steel Pipe Piles Installed?

Available in a range of diameters and wall thicknesses, and utilizing several different types of welds, steel pipe piling is driven into the ground using a crane-mounted hammer known as a pile driver.

Once it has been hammered or driven into the proper depth, additional components are generally welded on top to allow installation of mounting fixtures to attach the structure to be supported. 

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Steel Pipe Piles Sizing

Our open-ended carbon steel pipes are fabricated in the following sizes:


Up to 300 ft


14 OD up to 120 OD (we can go bigger depending on your application)


3/8 in. to 10 in.

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Steel Pipe Piling Capabilities

To achieve quick turnaround, product customization, and the quality required by our clients, we have developed full manufacturing capabilities on site.

We have more than 80,000 ft2 of manufacturing space, a diverse lineup of equipment, and a highly experienced workforce. 

  • On-site flame planer for quick cutting of plate steel
  • Plate rolling capability up to 10” thick
  • Multiple welding stations capable of welding pipe from 7’-10’ in diameter and 40’-50’ long
  • Welding personnel on site trained in LSAW, SSAW and DSAW welding processes

In addition, our location gives us unique transport capability.

We’re able to ship via truck, nearby train rail, and to the Houston Ship Channel via our barge slip along Greens Bayou. 

Greens Bayou Pipe Mill has the capability and expertise to provide the quality large diameter pipe you need for your construction project.

Our team is happy to walk through the specific needs for your application.

You can submit files through our form as well, to provide specs and details about your project. 

We offer standard lead times and ensure that the process is as smooth as possible from start to finish. 

Steel Pipe Pile Applications

The solution for structures that need to be elevated or don’t have access to a conventional concrete foundation, steel pipe piling has found a home in a number of applications. 


To keep offshore structures stable and safe, steel pipe pilings are driven or hammered into the ocean floor until they make contact with subsea rock or compacted soil. Steel pipe pilings are used with a range of marine or offshore structures, including:

Because of their structural integrity, steel pipe pilings are frequently employed to help tie offshore platforms to the ocean bed.

They’re also useful for conductor pipe in both onshore and offshore boreholes. 

Equipment used in the logging industry involves the use of debarking drums for helping strip bark from tree segments. Structural steel pipe from Greens Bayou Pipe Mill is perfect for this application.

For particularly corrosive or challenging environments such as deepwater drilling, high-performance materials are frequently required.

Greens Bayou Pipe Mill has responded with specialty pipe from a range of materials, including stainless steel, chromium and titanium. 

Pressure systems require certified materials for boiler and pressure systems. Greens Bayou Pipe Mill is proud to have earned the ASME S stamp, giving us the authority to produce steel pipe bearing the ASME Section 8 Division 1 or Section 1 stamp.

Why Use Steel Pipe Piling for My Application?

Depending on the characteristics of the pipe in question, such as its diameter, wall thickness and type of weld used, a steel pipe pile foundation is capable of bearing millions of pounds weight. 

Wood piles can be subject to a host of erosion and rotting issues in water, limiting their life span and usability. Driving concrete piles can cause significant vibration and displacement issues, and depending on the environment may not be a viable option.

In contrast, steel pipe pilings can be coated and treated to withstand corrosion, and driving steel piles underwater is easily achieved with the right equipment.

Steel pipe can be tailored to fit your precise loading requirements, meaning they can be cheaper to source and install.

They’re relatively lightweight relative to concrete pilings, making them cheaper to transport. And testing and inspection of steel pipe pilings prior to installation is very straightforward. 

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