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Pipe Fabrication


Rolling, Welding, Assembly and Testing of Tubulars:


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Welding pipe

our manufacturing process

Preparation of weld bevels and edges
Weld bevels are prepared by flame cutting to the desired included angle meeting the weld procedure.

Cold rolling of plates takes place on one of our five rolling machines. Our most powerful rolling machines handle plates up to 10 inches in thickness; however, the actual forming capacities are dependent upon the diameter, steel grade and length, as well as wall thickness. Hot or warm rolling can extend the rolling capacity to even greater thicknesses.

Using the automatic multi-wire SAW process, the longitudinal seam of the individual pipe section “can” is welded first. After assembly, the circumferential weld is performed. We have an extensive library of weld procedures to cover many types of material.

We can assemble your pipe requirements from basic single “cans” to lengths up to 300 feet or 500 tons.

Non-Destructive Testing
A third-party subcontractor inspects our welds. These services can include radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and dye penetrate inspections.

Post-Weld Heat Treatment 
Post-weld heat treatment can be performed in a closed furnace (40′ x 14′ x 16′). This furnace uses natural gas fired to up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is controlled by an automatic programmer and direct connection of thermocouples to continuously chart recorders.

Our onsite partner is equipped to apply multi-layer coatings, coal tar epoxy, tideguard and other types of coatings.

Load Out 
Your pipe can ship via truck, rail or water from our facilities. We are located at the convergence of Greens Bayou to the Houston Ship Channel. The Houston Ship Channel connects directly to the Gulf of Mexico. We can load out up to 500 tons using a barge-mounted crane.

Every job leaves our yard with full documentation, including mill test certificates, x-ray film and any other test required by the buyer.

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