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Offshore Platform (Jacket Legs, Deck Legs, Pilings)

Offshore Piles Fabricator

Greens Bayou Pipe Mill delivers structural steel pipe in many sizes, wall thicknesses, and finishes for offshore platforms. Pipe is produced following API 2B, API RP2A, and AWS D1.1, unless otherwise specified, from flat steel steadily rolled and welded into the finished size and shape.

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Offshore platform
Why use structural pipe for offshore platforms?

Offshore platforms are massive structures in at-sea environments. They’re used for many purposes, from crude oil and natural gas extraction to marine research. Emerging uses include renewable energy, such as hydro, solar, and wind power generation. 

Depending on construction requirements, offshore platforms may float or be fixed to the ocean floor. Regardless of operational method, structural steel pipe is a superior construction component. 

Trusted offshore platform piling fabricator

Greens Bayou Pipe Mill is a leading producer of structural steel pipe for offshore platform applications. We excel at the fast turnaround of API 2B, API RP2A and AWS D1.1 compliant carbon steel pipe for tough industrial use.

Our facility has five rolling machines capable of handling plates up to 10 inches thick. As a result, we’ve unmatched structural steel pipe production capacity. Actual forming capacities depend upon the product grade, diameter, wall thickness, and length.

High visibility, quality fabrication

Offshore platforms regularly are built in regions of the world that have extreme conditions or sensitive environments. Equipment failure is not an option. As a trusted offshore platform pipe fabrication provider, our products will fit, form, and function as intended. 

Longitudinal seams are welded using efficient and precise automated submerged-arc welding, or SAW, processes. The sides of plates fed through the rollers curl toward each other, forming a cylinder. Filler material is passed along the edges, on the inside and outside diameters, joining them together.

After assembly, the circumferential weld is performed. We have an extensive catalog of welding procedures to cover many material types and designs.

SAW is a pressure-free process. A blanket of granular fusible material shields the arc. Benefits of this welding technique are: 

  • High Weld Quality 
  • High Deposition Rate
  • Deep Weld Penetration 
  • Smooth Finished Weld
  • No Spatter

Higher expectations, better service

Offshore platform builders need vendors who provide solutions and eliminate waste. Many mills can’t supply fully finished structural steel pipes, forcing clients to outsource processes. 

When partnering with Greens Bayou Pipe Mill, it’s quite the opposite. As a premier large pipe mill for offshore platforms, we offer many value-added services that streamline your supply chain. 

  • Assembly
  • Non-Destructive Testing, or NDT
  • Post-Weld Heat Treatment 
  • Coating 
  • Load Out 

We offer standard lead times and ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Supporting offshore platforms beyond throughout their service life

An independent inspection agency checks welds for non-conformities. Any relevant indications found are documented by type and location before the pipe returns to the welding area for repair. 

Subsurface and surface NDT methods can be performed per any ASNT recommended practice or AWS, API, ASTM, and ASME standards. Customer-supplied NDT procedures are also welcome. Typical types of inspections performed include: 

  • Radiographic Testing, or RT
  • Ultrasonic Testing, or UT
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection, or MPI
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection, or LPI 

Versatile structural steel distribution 

As a top offshore platform structural steel supplier, Greens Bayou Pipe Mill can deliver finished products to your end destination using any transit mode. Our team works with you to find an optimal shipping solution, whether it’s by: 

  • Truck
  • Rail
  • Vessel

We’re located at the convergence of Greens Bayou and the Houston Ship Channel, which connects directly to the Gulf of Mexico. Our crews can load out up to 500 tons of structural steel pipe using a barge-mounted crane.

Quality comes first 

Every job is approached with a quality-first mindset. As a structural steel pipe supplier, all processes follow a strict quality management system. 

Precision testing and inspection equipment ensure every product surpasses applicable industry standards or customer specifications. All orders are audited for accuracy before shipment. 

Give us a call for more information about large pipe mill for offshore platform services. 

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