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Debarking Drums

Debarking Drum Supplier

Greens Bayou Pipe Mill manufactures structural steel pipe in various sizes, wall thicknesses, and finishes for debarking drum applications. Products are fabricated per API 2B or ASME Section 8 Division 1 or Section 1 Stamp requirements, unless otherwise stated, from flat steel progressively rolled and welded into the finished size and shape.

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Debarking drum
What are debarking drums?

A debarking drum is composed of a large, rotating cylinder referred to as the drum. Its interior surface has ridges, which lift the logs and cause them to tumble against one another. Bark from the logs exits through slits in the drum.

Also called drum debarkers, they provide many benefits to wood product manufacturers. Examples include:

  • High Capacity
  • Feeds Many Logs Simultaneously
  • Discharges Many Logs Concurrently
  • Produces Logs With Smooth Surface Finishes
  • Applicable For Wet And Dry Lumber
Debarking drum

Why use structural steel to remove bark?

Structural steel pipe is perfect for drum debarking systems. Rust-resistant and durable, it can handle timber of all sizes and conditions, including wet and frozen trunks. Other characteristics of this pipe type include: 

  • Strong
  • Durable 
  • Resists Corrosion
  • Easy To Install 
  • Simple To Fabricate
  • Great Capacity 
  • Environmentally Friendly 

Our capabilities

Greens Bayou Pipe Mill is a trusted manufacturer of structural steel for debarking drum use. Our area of expertise is the immediate turnaround of API 2B or ASME Section 8 Division 1 or Section 1 Stamp compliant carbon steel pipe for industrial operations in rugged environments like forest product processing.

The mill has five rolling machines capable of handling plates up to 10 inches thick. As a result, we’ve unmatched structural steel pipe production capacity. Actual forming capacities depend upon the product grade, diameter, wall thickness, and length.

Full-service debarking drum pipe manufacturer

Manufacturers face the challenge of improving wood-handling operation efficiency and productivity to reduce operating costs. A high-performance debarking operation can maximize returns. 

As a leading structural steel pipe manufacturer, we can help you get pipe for debarking drum use tailored to your needs. Our value-added services include: 

  • Assembly
  • Non-Destructive Testing, or NDT
  • Post-Weld Heat Treatment 
  • Coating 
  • Load Out 

No weak points

An independent inspection agency examines welds for nonconformities. Any relevant indications found are documented by type and location before the pipe returns to the welding area for repair. 

Subsurface and surface NDT methods can be performed per any ASNT recommended practice or AWS, API, ASTM, and ASME standard. NDT procedures supplied by the client are also welcome. Common types of inspections performed include: 

  • Radiographic Testing, or RT
  • Ultrasonic Testing, or UT
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection, or MPI
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection, or LPI 

Versatile debarking drum pipe distribution

Greens Bayou Pipe Mill can deliver finished products to your end destination using any transit mode. Our team works with you to find the best shipping solution. Common transportation options are: 

  • Truck
  • Rail
  • Vessel

We’re located at the convergence of Greens Bayou and the Houston Ship Channel, which connects directly to the Gulf of Mexico. Our crews can load out up to 500 tons of structural steel pipe using a barge-mounted crane.

Your debarking drum pipe source

As a steel pipe production, processing, and supply chain management leader, Greens Bayou Pipe Mill is the perfect partner for debarking drum applications. A dedicated workforce, state-of-the-art equipment, and extensive capabilities enable us to deliver finished products on time and within budget. 

Contact us to get more information about debarking drums. 

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