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Greens Bayou Pipe Mill fabricates structural steel pipe in many sizes, wall thicknesses, and finishes for conductor pipe use. This product is manufactured per API 2B, API RP2A & AWS D1.1 requirements, unless otherwise noted, from flat steel gradually rolled and welded into the finished size and shape.

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Conductor pipe
What is conductor pipe?

Conductor pipe is a large diameter pipe set into the seabed to provide the initial stable structural foundation for a borehole or oil well. As the first string of casing, it’s the largest diameter pipe installed in a well. Benefits of conductor pipe include: 

  • Keeps The Hole From Caving Into The Wellbore
  • Supports Surface Casing
  • Protects Natural Materials From Drilling Fluids
  • Streamlines Removal Of Drill Cuttings Suspended in Drilling Mud

This pipe type is often called drive pipe because it’s driven into the ground with a pile driver. In offshore drilling applications, conductor pipe plays a pivotal role as a critical structural foundation element for subsea wellheads.  

Structural steel pipe for conductors

Why use structural steel for conductors?

Structural steel pipe is perfect for conductor applications. Rust-resistant and durable, it keeps loose soil from falling into the well. Other characteristics of this pipe type include:

  • Strong
  • Durable 
  • Resists Corrosion
  • Easy To Install 
  • Simple To Fabricate
  • Great Capacity 
  • Environmentally Friendly 

High-volume manufacturing capabilities

Greens Bayou Pipe Mill is a leading conductor pipe mill. Our area of expertise is the timely turnaround of API 2B- and ASME U & S Stamp-compliant carbon steel pipe for demanding industrial use.

With five rolling machines capable of handling plates up to 10 inches thick, we’ve unmatched structural steel pipe production capacity. Actual forming capacities depend upon the product grade, diameter, wall thickness, and length.

High loads and pressures require quality fabrication

From excessive temperatures to damaging corrosion, subsea environments put equipment under extreme duress. Following stringent processes and procedures, we produce conductor pipe that withstands the pressures of offshore work. 

Longitudinal seams are welded using efficient and precise automated submerged-arc welding, or SAW, processes. The sides of plates fed through the rollers curl toward each other, forming a cylinder. Filler material is passed along the edges, on the inside and outside diameters, joining them together.

After assembly, the circumferential weld is performed. We have an extensive catalog of welding procedures to cover many types of material and designs.

SAW is a pressure-free process. A blanket of granular fusible material shields the arc. Benefits of this welding technique are: 

  • High Weld Quality 
  • High Deposition Rate
  • Deep Weld Penetration 
  • Smooth Finished Weld
  • No Spatter

Custom structural pipe services

At Greens Bayou Pipe Mill, client needs are paramount. As a leading conductor pipe mill, we offer a range of services that speed up conductor pipe delivery. 

  • Assembly
  • Non-Destructive Testing, or NDT
  • Post-Weld Heat Treatment 
  • Coating 
  • Load Out 

Pipe with a long working life

An independent inspection agency examines welds for nonconformities. Any relevant indications found are documented by type and location before the pipe returns to the welding area for repair. 

Subsurface and surface NDT methods can be performed per any ASNT recommended practice or AWS, API, ASTM, and ASME standard. NDT procedures supplied by the client are also welcome. Common types of inspections performed include: 

  • Radiographic Testing, or RT
  • Ultrasonic Testing, or UT
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection, or MPI
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection, or LPI 

Flexible conductor pipe delivery

Greens Bayou Pipe Mill can ship conductor pipe to your location using any transit method. Our team works with you to develop the right transportation solution. Examples include: 

  • Truck
  • Rail
  • Vessel

We’re located at the convergence of Greens Bayou and the Houston Ship Channel, which connects directly to the Gulf of Mexico. Our crews can load out up to 500 tons of structural steel pipe using a barge-mounted crane.

Let’s get to work

Greens Bayou Pipe Mill is a top processor of structural steel pipe for conductor pipe use. We’re recognized for reliability, repeatability, and flexibility, which result from superior processes and procedures. 

Contact us to learn more about conductor pipe fabrication solutions. 

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